Born from an unapologetic love of all things creative, IndigoMuse was founded by Darcy Burns in 2018. The name itself, Indigo, is a nod to her own neurodivergence with the popular term of Indigo Children that stemmed from the 1970s. That, paired with the word Muse (noun a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist), the name IndigoMuse truly is a name where a deep love and respect are held.



IndigoMuse always has had deep connections to protecting the planet by creating a smaller footprint.  This isn’t just a careful business technique - Darcy lives in a tiny home on a sustainable farm where she has over twenty rescue animals. Sustainability and living a purposeful life style are extremely important to her heart and soul. This is why you’ll find pieces that are carefully, and thoughtfully, handcrafted from materials that are either upcycled, recycled or have a minimal